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always faster internet PRIME

  • Download speeds up to 15 Mbps*
  • Upload speeds up to 1 Mbps*
  • Perfect for multiple users and devices
  • 10x faster than 1.5 Mbps phone line DSL
  • Security tools and spam blockers
  • Add in “Free Wi-Fi for 3 months*!
Only:$34.95a month
for 12 months

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Mediacom Internet Current Promotions:
Save $40/mo for 12 months
Current Customer
$9.95a month
for 12 months
  • Mediacom Prime Internet for $9.95 a month for 12 months
  • Up to 15 Mbps Download
  • Up to 1 mbps Upload Speed.
  • Personal Webspace 60 MB
  • Price does not include modem rental fee*

Call Now: 1-800-790-8187 Mediacom

Save $15/mo for 12 months
New Customer
$34.95a month
for 12 months
  • Mediacom Prime Internet for $34.95 a month for 12 months
  • Up to 15 Mbps Download
  • Up to 5 Mbps Upload Speed.
  • Personal Webspace 60 MB
  • Price does not include modem rental fee*

Call Now: 1-800-790-8187 Mediacom

$99.95a month
for 12 months
  • Up to 50 Mbps Download
  • Fastest in-home Wi-Fi
  • 200+ digital channels
  • TiVo DVR single room service
  • Access to Netflix®, Pandora®, YouTube® and more on your TV
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 15 calling features

Call Now: 1- 800- 790- 8187 Mediacom

ORDER by phone, please call 1-800-790-8187 Call Center in USA(English/Español)

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customers in good standing who are not 100% satisfied with any Mediacom service may disconnect during the first 90 days and, upon request, receive a full refund of monthly recurring service and equipment rental fee(s) actually paid.

On-Time Guarantee

Mediacom will arrive at your home for an installation or service appointment within the scheduled period, or you will receive a $20 credit off your monthly bill.

Mediacom Internet Specials

With download speeds up to 12 Mbps and upload speeds up to 1 Mbps, Mediacom Online gives you more power to surf sites faster, play better online games, streaming video, download music and more up to 8 times faster than DSL 1.5 Mbps with virus protection and firewalls, can reduce spam, pop ups and spyware.

Start Saving with Mediacom Internet Specials. Ordering Mediacom Digital Cable Service Online is Fast and Safe.

  • Take 4 minutes or less to complete an order.
  • No Credit Card required.
  • We do not sell, share, trade, or rent your personal information to third parties.
  • We hate spam as much as you do.

With Mediacom High Speed Internet, you get speed, security, free content & great deals.

Mediacom High Speed Internet includes a full suite of security tools, huge mailbox storage, multiple email addresses and great values on exclusive premium content — all at super prices that you just can’t get with DSL or dial-up. With Mediacom High Speed Internet’s faster download speeds, you get more power to enjoy all the Internet has to offer like watching popular hit shows streamed in high definition from ABC, NBC and CBS – that’s something even DSL 3Mbps can’t do!

Mediacom Internet Speed

With Mediacom High Speed Internet is a super speedway for home networking and High Speed Internet gaming. Mediacom High Speed Internet automatically includes all of the content, security tools and features of Mediacom High Speed Internet.

It's never been this easy to get High Speed Internet!

If you think high-speed Internet service is too complicated or expensive, it's time for Mediacom High Speed Internet. It's our great broadband starter service that gives you a fast, reliable connection to the Internet. If Mediacom does not service your home, and you want to see all available Cable Companies in your area, please click here.

What broadband speed?

Broadband speed is a measure of the amount of time it takes to transfer information from the internet to your computer. This is stated as megabytes per second (mbps) and will affect everything you do online from the time it takes for a web page to open to whether you have the capacity to watch TV.
As the vast majority of broadband providers price their offerings based largely on the maximum speed they offer it’s important to take into account your usage when picking a package to avoid paying out unnecessarily.
Even the slowest broadband speeds are lightening quick compared to the old dial up connections many of us previously used to get online and the 1Mb and 2Mb packages most providers offer as a minimum will be more than sufficient for the light user.
These ‘lower speed’ packages will allow you to open web pages in less than a second, make use of streaming to watch videos and use web cams too although the image quality is unlikely to be crystal clear. So, if you’re rarely online for more than a couple of hours a day and use your broadband connection predominantly to send emails, search for information and download smaller files, these limits are more than likely to suffice.
However, if you’re more of a heavy user who frequently downloads large files, likes watching TV and listening to the radio online or enjoys taking part in interactive gaming, a higher speed package is more likely to be suited to your requirements.
Similarly, if you’re going to be creating a network of several computers from a single home broadband connection, a higher speed package is likely to be most suitable. This means you'll need to consider one of the fastest broadband deals available

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