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Mediacom Internet, TV, and Phone Bundles

OrderPlanPriceData UsageChannelsPhone
Xtream 250 MbpsSilver Tripleplay$159.99/mo
Save $50.00/mo
400 GB170+Unlimited Nationwide
Xtream 500 MbpsSilver Tripleplay$194.99/mo
Save $60.00/mo
2000 GB170+Unlimited Nationwide
Xtream 600 MbpsSilver Tripleplay$226.47/mo
Save $96.48/mo
3000 GB170+Unlimited Nationwide
Xtream 1 GigSilver Tripleplay$216.99/mo
Save $62.00/mo
UNLIMITED170+Unlimited Nationwide

Internet + TV

Mediacom Variety TV + Internet 250$129.99/mo
Save $25.00/mo
250 Mbps170+500 GB
Mediacom Variety TV + Internet 500$224.99/mo
Save $95.00/mo
500 Mbps170+2000 GB
Mediacom Variety TV + Internet 600$226.47/mo
Save $106.48/mo
600 Mbps170+3000 GB
Mediacom Variety TV + Internet 1 Gig$274.99/mo
Save $125.00/mo
1000 Mbps170+UNLIMITED

Internet + Phone

Mediacom Internet 250 + Phone$99.99/mo
Save $75.00/mo
250 MbpsUNLIMITED Nationwide
Mediacom Internet 500 + Phone $129.99/mo
Save $80.00/mo
500 MbpsUNLIMITED Nationwide
Mediacom Internet 600 + Phone$139.94/mo
Save $79.95/mo
600 MbpsUNLIMITED Nationwide
Mediacom Internet 1 Gig + Phone$139.99/mo
Save $70.00/mo
1000 MbpsUNLIMITED Nationwide

Cable TV + Phone

Mediacom Variety TV and Digital Phone$89.98/mo*170 +UNLIMITED Nationwide

Mediacom Internet Plans

Mediacom Internet 500$109.99/mo
Save $65.00/mo
500 Mbps30 Mbps2000 GB
Mediacom Internet 600$99.99/mo
Save $50.00/mo
600 Mbps30 Mbps3000 GB
Mediacom Internet 1 Gig UNLIMITED$149.99/mo
Save $85.00/mo
1000 Mbps50 MbpsUNLIMITED

Check out available Mediacom Communication Services in South Dakota

Check availability in your area to find the services you need with Mediacom Communication. Get the highest quality Digital Cable service, the fastest high speed cable internet, or even the clearest Digital Phone available in South Dakota. Mediacom Communication has many options and extra channels to add to the cable package like sports packages or children channel packages as well as On Demand. Also get online with Mediacom Communication high speed internet to play on Xbox Live and Playstation Network with out lagging and win the match! Or talk to your grandmother at the otherside of the country with out paying for every minute you talk.

Order Mediacom Communication bundle package now.

Ordering Mediacom Communication bundle packages is the best way to save money in South Dakota for digital cable, internet, and phone. Stop paying multiple bills to multiple providers which ends up costing you even more money than you thought. Bundling with Mediacom Communication is the only sure fire way to save money for the best quality service in South Dakota. You can also customize your own personal bundle package by searching for the services and prices you want and adding it to Mediacom Communication's shopping cart. Check availability now and see what offers or promotions qualify for bundle packages.

Start new service with Mediacom in South Dakota

Starting new service with Mediacom couldn't have been any easier now than before. The level of service and dedication that Mediacom aims to provide in South Dakota is far greater than ever before. Mediacom provides high quality digital cable in South Dakota at rates lower than most competitors. Along with quality services Mediacom also offers a number features for each service; some included free with bundle packages! Services like our High Definition DVR which allows you to record your shows while you are at work. Or you can get On Demand and watch all the shows you never saw before or movies that aren't in theatres anymore.

There is no reason to hesitate. Check for services in your area now and take advantage of the premium services for low price.

Digital Cable Packages in South Dakota with Mediacom

Digital Cable service is essential when it comes to at home entertainment. With Mediacom as your provider you can get hundreds of digital cable channels ranging from news, cartoon, informational, and much more! With Mediacom digital cable service you will also be receiving a level of dedication and service that is unmatched compared to satellite and fiber optic providers. You'll also have an On Demand channel where you can select from thousands of movies and television programs when ever you want from the comfort of your living room. Check out our package pricing in your area and order!

Get new internet service now with Mediacom in South Dakota

If you are moving in to South Dakota it can be difficult to find the best internet service in your area for the best price. Mediacom hopes to solve this problem for you. Mediacomprovides high quality, high speed internet service with multiple features like Online Data Storage Backup, Anti-Virus Protection Software, and more. You'll be able to watch HD Netflix with out a buffer interuption or play on Xbox Live or PS3 Network with out lagging. Quit waiting, start surfing the web, ORDER NOW!

Get a Mediacom internet service in South Dakota

High speed cable internet is something most households need. When it comes to homework, research, gaming or just plain entertainment, customers need reliable internet from a trustworthy provider. Mediacom provides ultra high speed cable internet at speeds that embarass local DSL competitors. Depending on your area in you can speeds up four times faster than DSL. With speeds that fast, customers can get everything they need straight to their computer or TV like Sony Network ready TVs and Google TVs. Check for availability in your area, order now and start surfer the internet at speeds you've never had!

Get new digital phone service now with Mediacom in South Dakota

If you are moving in to South Dakota it can be difficult to find the best service in your area for the best price. Mediacom hopes to solve this problem for you. Mediacomprovides high quality, clear digital phone in the area with a multitude of calling features. Features including Three Way Calling, Call Waiting, Caller Id and many more. And most importantly, the digital phone service also includes unlimited local and long distance calling phone.

Digital phone with Mediacom in South Dakota

Getting Mediacom digital phone service for one low price couldn't be any easier. Mediacom is in your area and ready to give you the best phone service at the best price. With unlimited anytime minutes for making local and nation wide calls the decision is already simple. But Mediacom doesn't stop their, they are also including multiple calling features like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and many more for that low price.


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